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Those who bought tokens will earn on everyone who buys and sells them, while part of all purchases and sales are returned to the protocol. The value of your entire portfolio will rise if the volume of transactions is high. Get the most profitable fully licensed fx/crypto brokerage software or ready-to-operate business in 48 hours. The investors lose out and the creators make off with their money.

As has been the case with almost every cryptocurrency, SAND dipped at the beginning of the year. However, like its Metaverse rival MANA, SAND has rebounded and increased by more than 23% over the past 7 days. With the mission that SSW are on, it’s one of a kind investment opportunity for those to be a part of early on. Seesaw protocol (SSW) is an on-chain liquidity protocol that possesses the feature to be implemented on any smart contract-enabled blockchain. The Seesaw token can be swappable between multiple chains with almost 0% commission. There have been some notable presales over the last few years and a notable one that is currently underway; Filecoin (FIL), Tezos (XTZ), and Seesaw Protocol (SSW), respectively.

Other major cryptocurrencies, specifically those inside the top 10 market cap rankings, have faced similar ups and downs. Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL) are down by 7% and 8% respectively over the last seven days. Worldwide events, like the cost of living crisis and Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, are having an effect on finance in general. Many new projects are made and backed by anonymous creators, in the style of the pseudonymous Bitcoin (BTC) founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is one of these new cryptocurrencies, and its creators are yet to be named.

  • One of these methods is investing in stable coins like Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC).
  • In an attempt to remain immune to market forces, many crypto backers are turning to pre-sales.
  • However, the Seesaw Protocol has provided several amazing characteristics that may result in a profitable venture for many investors.
  • But if it does fail, there’s no guarantee any of the money raised will be recouped by investors.
  • Statements and financial information on should not be construed as an endorsement or recommendation to buy, sell or hold.

Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments throughout the industry that we saw is the broader acceptance of various networks. The boom of DeFi summer in 2020 showed that Ethereum, in its current shape and form, is quite unable to handle the massive load of users. As a result, the fees skyrocketed as the network was getting clogged. The low fees, democratic platform offers incentives and rewards that make it even more appealing to new investors. A portion of the fees are distributed to holders and referral rewards are also great ways of earning extra. Currently, SSW holds a value of $0.11 per token – rising from the initial price of $0.005 in just over a month.

If this continues, the bare minimum that SSW would reach at launch would be $0.2. Other analysts have predicted it could go up even further before its release on April the 8th. The term Metaverse was first coined in the early 1990s by US author Neal Stephenson. 30 years later in 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would become Meta, and an emerging market boomed into life.

Again, crypto analysts have let out that the price is likely to grow to $0.45 before trading starts. Ukraine was being invaded and bombed, Russia was being sanctioned by some of the biggest Countries members of NATO and its economy and trades are suffering. In addition, owning and keeping the Seesaw token may result in benefits. Those who purchased the tokens will profit from everyone who buys and sells them; a portion of all purchases and sales will be returned to the Protocol. If trade volume is high, the value of your overall portfolio will rise. This could be the next big investment, with all eyes on the currency itself, but caution is advised.

One of these methods is investing in stable coins like Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). The demand for the colossal crypto has surged, and its value has increased once again. Waves’ native token is WAVES, which has an unlimited supply and is utilized for regular payments such as block rewards and transaction fees. Up 2000% what is seesaw protocol since its first presale launch on January 25th and up 31.03% in one week. Many investors are ready to seize what could be the next big investing opportunity. Seesaw, which has attributes that appeal to investors worldwide, has the potential to yield big returns for those who are able to jump on board early enough.

Some of these fees will be redistributed to existing SSW holders providing them with a way to earn passively on their holdings. However, Seesaw Protocol (SSW) is not a passing fad, as it has an ambitious vision that will see it added to numerous exchanges as it seeks to be a true multi-bridge cryptocurrency. SSW will be introduced on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chains, allowing holders to transfer value rapidly and cheaply between the three mainstream networks.

seesaw protocol crypto

Names like JP Morgan, Deloitte, and Tesla have publicly expressed their support for digital coins while also investing in them. These industry titans have invested in currencies such as BTC (Bitcoin) and AVAX (Avax) (Avalanche). The new interest in SeeSaw Protocol, which is now in its presale stage, has a lot of people thinking about this coin. In this essay, we will strive to address every question, from the perspective of a novice to that of a seasoned investor. In the few years since FIL launched at $4.58, it has seen huge rises, up to its current all-time high of $237.

Since beginning this stage, SSW has gone up another 32% after unprecedented success in Stage one, where it skyrocketed by more than 1000%. Another project that has been tipped for the long-term future is Solana (SOL). From the start of the year to the time of writing, ADA has dipped 40%.

seesaw protocol crypto

2022 is expected to be a year of even more growth for these cryptocurrencies. Seesaw Protocol (SSW) will hope to emulate these price increases, and the first stage of the presale showed that this could be a possibility. From $0.005 to its current valuation of $0.11, SSW has already risen by more than 2000%. Crypto/NFTs are unregulated, highly risky, and there may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions. Readers to exercise caution/due diligence, and comply with all applicable laws, including but not limited to taxation laws.

The EOS presale began with huge sales and lulled in the middle, before skyrocketing towards the end as hype built. An amount totaling more than $4 billion was raised over the course of 350 days. Seesaw Protocol (SSW) shows that it believes in the crypto world’s future, as they will donate 1% of its marketing funds to international educational institutions. We’re trying to remain open minded about the Seesaw Protocol crypto token project. Trading and investing in digital assets is highly speculative and comes with many risks. The analysis / stats on are for informational purposes and should not be considered investment advice.

One that grants the ability to swap, leverage and farm crypto on. The claim here is that it will launch on PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain. And it will create a bridge between the Ethereum and Polygon Networks. The marketing team behind the Seesaw Protocol crypto token has been busy this past month.